The Cato Institute
An American libertarian think tank ‘dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.’

Freedom House
A watchdog that monitors the state of freedom around the world, and publishes an influential ranking of countries according to how free they are.

The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper’s homepages for news and opinion related to press freedom and freedom of speech.

Index on Censorship
Website of a well-known organization that campaigns on freedom of speech issues, housing a wide variety of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and other resources.

John Stuart Mill (
An archive of Mill’s work, and of philosophical work about Mill.

Onora O'Neill: ‘Freedom of the Press Cannot be Unrestricted’
The edited text of a speech on press freedom given by Kantian philosopher Onora O’Neill in 2002.

Philosophy Bites
Podcast interviews with philosophers Richard Reeves (on the subject of Mill’s On Liberty), Alan Ryan (on freedom and its history), Tim Scanlon (on free speech), and Philip Pettit (on republicanism).

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries on positive and negative liberty, republicanism, and Isaiah Berlin.

Forum for Philosophy
Discussions of the philosophy and practice of free speech and the ethics of nudging.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation
A UK think tank that campaigns against drug prohibition, and in favour of a policy of control and regulation.