The Environment

Caroline Lucas MP
The website of the UK’s first and only member of parliament for the Green Party.

Climate Change: A Summary of the Science
An accessible summary of the scientific evidence on climate change, produced by the Royal Society.

Climate Progress
A well-regarded climate blog. US-focused.

Environmental Citizenship
Ideas about the meaning and responsibilities of environmental citizenship, as discussed at seminars organized by the Open University and University of Newcastle in 2004–5.

Ethics Updates
Resources for students of and environmental ethics, including extracts from the work of influential philosophers such as Robert Nozick, Peter Singer, and others.

Deep-Sea Mining
Websites of the International Seabed Authority and of the Deep Sea Mining Campaign (a group campaigning against deep-sea mining).

George Monbiot’s Blog
The blog of George Monbiot, a journalist for British newspaper, The Guardian, who is well-known for his writing on climate change.

Philosophy Bites
Two podcasts from the Philosophy Bites website, featuring, respectively, Jeff McMahan and Peter Singer discussing the ethical treatment of animals.

RealClimate: Climate Science from Climate Scientists
Up-to-date commentary on the science of climate change from experts in the field.

Simon Caney lecture
Lecture by Simon Caney on designing institutions with a long-term focus.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries on environmental ethics and the non-identity problem.