Sovereignty and Borders

International Institutions
Websites of the United Nations, European Union, and International Criminal Court.

Open Borders
A ‘blog-cum-website’ dedicated to making the case for open borders.
UK network fighting against borders and immigration controls.

Democracy Earth
Group seeking to develop ‘borderless governance’ where ‘incorruptible decision making’ is enabled, using blockchain technology.

The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper’s homepages for news, analysis, and opinion related to Brexit.

United Nations Refugee Agency
Website of the UNHCR.

Philosophy Bites
Podcast with Sarah Fine, on the state’s right to exclude.

Forum for Philosophy:
Three academics discuss the concept of sovereignty, and its relevance to the twenty-first century.
Three academics discuss the question of who counts as a refugee, and whether current legal definitions ought to be revised.
Debate from April 2016 on whether the UK should leave the EU.
Discussion of whether people have a right to migrate, and the implications of such a right for states’ right to exclude.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries on sovereignty, immigration, and globalization.