Global Poverty

Clean Trade
A website that promotes an idea developed by political theorist Leif Wenar for reforming trade laws in order to prevent repressive regimes from selling their countries’ natural resources without the consent of their people.

Health Impact Fund
Website for the Health Impact Fund proposal, developed by Thomas Pogge and others. Includes details of the idea’s supporters and progress so far.

Human Development Reports
Annual reports and background documents, funded by the UN Development Programme. Includes statistical comparisons between countries according to key indicators of well-being.

The Life You Can Save
A website that promotes increased individual charitable giving as a means of solving global poverty, as defended by philosopher Peter Singer.

Oxfam Blogs
A page from which you can find blogs written by Oxfam staff working on projects around the world.

Philosophy Bites
Podcasts in which Thomas Pogge discusses his Health Impact Fund proposal, Anthony Appiah discusses cosmopolitanism, and Larry Temkin discusses obligations to the needy.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries on international justice and cosmopolitanism.

The UC Atlas of Global Inequality
Website illustrating global inequality with respect to income, health, and other indicators.

The World Bank
The World Bank's home page. Includes statistics and reports sorted by category, including debt, poverty, health, sanitation, etc.

World Health Organization
Home page of the World Health Organization. Extensive data on global health, and the health problems of specific countries.