Essay Questions

1. Discuss the ways in which the civil liberties outlined in the Bill of Rights could come into conflict with one another.

2. Examine the ways in which there are disparities in the criminal justice system that are specific to race and ethnicity. Incorporate the idea of civil liberties into your response.

3. Examine the history of the right to privacy in the United States. How and when did this right come about? Is it possible for it to be removed?

4. Consider the concepts of liberty and security. What is the relationship between these concepts and what happens to one as provisions protecting the other either increase or decrease? How do civil liberties fit into this relationship between the concepts?

5. Identify the points at which First Amendment rights are guaranteed to citizens and the points at which they are not. Provide a detailed explanation of the justifications for truncating First Amendment rights.

6. Discuss the ways in which civil liberties are violated when a police officer kills an unarmed person they are attempting to detain.