Political Parties

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1. Describe the emergence of different types of political parties across Canadian history.

*Answer:Describe the different types of parties that have existed in Canada such as the mass parties, elite parties, and the catch-all/brokerage parties; describe the party system during the following eras: Confederation to World War I, inter-war period to the late 1950s, and the 1960s through the 1990s

2. Describe the evolution of the federal party systems over the course of Canadian history.

*Answer: describe the first, second, third, and fourth party systems corresponding to the different eras.

3. What are the major parties in Canadian politics, and what are their predominant ideologies?

*Answer: Explain the major political parties (the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, NDP), their ideological leanings and objectives.

4 Conservatism expresses itself in many different forms in Canadian party politics. Describe the different variants and their relative strengths in conservative parties across Canada.

*Answer: Describe what toryism is, and compare it with neoliberalism and libertarianism. Describe economic and social conservatism.

5. How are party leaders selected in Canada?

*Answer:Discuss leadership reviews and party conventions; distinguish between one member, one vote and other selection methods (weighted constituency model, delegate convention, hybrids).

6. What is the difference between the extra-parliamentary wing and the parliamentary wing of a political party?

*Answer: Compare and contrast caucus members and partisan people to the people who are involved in the internal machinery of the party (Figure 9.4).

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