Public Policy and The Bureaucracy

Further Readings

Glor, E.D. (2001). “Has Canada Adopted the New Public Management?” Public Management review, 3 no. 1: pp. 121-130.New Public Management (NPM) was a highly criticized term that was very prevalent in the 1990s. This type of public management affected the role of the federal public sector quite significantly and was also a style of public management that was applied in New Zealand and the UK. This article discusses the NPM style of managing public sector and also evaluates some of its successes and failures.

Borins, S. (1995).“The New Public Management is here to Stay”.  Canadian Public Administration, 38,no. 1:pp. 122–132. This is a classic article written in the 1990s on New Public Management (NPM) that compares the study of NPM by Donald Savoie and other academics in the field of Public Administration.

Howlett, M. (2013).Canadian Public Policy: Selected Studies in Process and Style. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. This is a very thorough and in-depth empirical study of the public policy process in Canada. It provides an excellent overview of each stage of the policy-making process with very specific examples and explanations.

Howlett, M., Ramesh, M., & Wu, X. (2017).The Public Policy Primer: Managing the Policy Process. Winnipeg, MA: Routledge. Written by the same author as above, this is another great book that explains the policy cycles and the inner workings of the policy systems from a comparative perspective. It focusses specifically on the different stages of the public policy process

Miljan, L. (2017). Public Policy in Canada: An Introduction. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press. This book provide introductory information on the public policy process as well as theoretical explanation on public policy by focussing on specific policy areas such as social policy, indigenous policy and environmental policy among others.

Graham, J.R., Shier, M., & Delaney, R. (2017).Canadian Social Policy: An Introduction. Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada. This book specifically looks at one aspect of public policy in Canada: social policy. By examining social policies from various disciplines, the author provides a very detailed breakdown and examination into how social policy has evolved in Canada.

Clarke, A. (2019).Opening the Government of Canada: The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. This recently published book brings a modern perspective on understanding how the bureaucracy works by discussing the importance of digital policy tools such as social media and open data information. It also provides a comparative analysis between traditional and modern methods of bureaucracy.

Recommended Websites The official website of the Department of Finance includes pre-budget consultations for the upcoming year. One of the four central agencies of Canada, this website looks into the roles and responsibilities of the Treasury Board Secretariat. This document provides an overview of 2019’s budget and expenditure reports. The official website of Health Canada includes an overview and breakdown of medicare and the Canada Health Act. This page is a part of Revenue Canada’s website and looks at both the provincial and federal tax credits for individuals. This informative website on a non-governmental organization provides research and dialogue relating to public service, governance, and public policy. The Institute for Research on Public Policy and Policy Options website providesinformation on their research and innovative strategies, as well as the development of social and economic policies on various aspects of public policies affecting Canadians.

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