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Harrington, M. (2012).“ The Incoherence of Judicial Review in Canada”.Judicial Review 17: pp. 177-186. This article examines the concept, practice, and justification of judicial review in Canada.

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Rand, I.(2016). “The Supreme Court of Canada,” University of New Brunswick Law Journal 61,no. 7.This is a historical and informative article on the Supreme Court of Canada, with a focus on its creation, early developments, and hierarchy of the court system (among many other factors).

Songer, D.R. (2008).The Transformation of the Supreme Court of Canada: An Empirical Examination. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. As discussed in this chapter, the role of the Supreme Court of Canada has substantially increased since 1982, with the creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This book examines that role in comparison to cases and proceedings prior to 1982.

Slayton, P. (2011). Mighty Judgement: How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life. Toronto, ON: Penguin Group Canada. This is another great book on how powerful the Supreme Court of Canada is in making and overturning judgments, which ultimately affects individual lives.

Whyte, J.D. (2016). “Political accountability in appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada,” Constitutional Forum: p. 109 + Gale OneFile: CPI.Q (Canadian Periodicals).This article explores the topic of political accountability through Supreme Court appointments and legislative hearings associated with making these appointments. This article evaluates the role of the partisan executive and its relation to the non-partisan court system.

Panagos, D. (2017).Uncertain Accommodation: Aboriginal Identity and Groups Rights in the Supreme Court of Canada. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press. This book evaluates how courts and the state interpret group rights, specifically indigenous rights, in Canada. It highlights the disconnect between indigenous and non-indigenous values and how specific laws and sections of the Charter can misrepresent and misinterpret indigenous values.

Whitelaw, B. & Parent, R. (2018).Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada. Toronto, ON: Nelson College Indigenous. This book discusses some of the policing reforms that have taken place over the years at the provincial level. The author highlights some of these reforms and how policing has taken a more community based approach in trying to fight crime.

Recommended Websites The official website of the Supreme Court of Canada includes information on all past and current justices. This website provides an archived list of past and present Supreme Court cases and decisions. The official website of the Federal Court of Canada (Canada’s National Trial Court) includes recent and archived decisions. This is the official website of the Federal Court of Appeal of Canada. This detailed official website of the Ontario Court of Justice includes information on family, criminal court, and provincial offenses. The official website of the Department of Justice provides more detailed versions of the Canadian criminal justice system as well as information on family and criminal law. This official website has information on Border Strategies, Emergency Management, and National Security. As part of the criminal justice system, this website looks into the specific military justice system and cases in relation to the Canadian military. This website is the official website of the Youth and Criminal Justice Act, through the Department of Justice.

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