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MacGillivray, W.D.& Simms, J. (2014).Danny. National Film Board of Canada. This documentary is a political biography of Danny Williams, the premier of Newfoundland from 2003-2010. It highlights some of his successes in developing the province both economically and politically.

  • Why was Danny Williams considered to be both a popular and controversial premier?
  • What were some of his challenges with the federal government?

Churchill, J. (1990). Our National Parliament: The Inside Story.National Film Board of Canada. This documentary provides a thorough guide into the inner workings of parliament and the legislative branch of government. One of the most important highlights of the video is how it shows the various stages involved in the policy-making process.

  • What are some of the most important highlights of a day in the life of an MP?
  • How does a bill become law?

Duncan, R. (1990). Minister of Everything. National Film Board of Canada. This documentary is a biopic on the life of C.D Howe, who served as a cabinet minister for more than two decades under Prime Minister King and Prime Minister St. Laurent. He also held many other parliamentary positions, which earned him the moniker Minister of Everything.

  • What were Howe’s responsibilities as a cabinet minister?
  • What were some of his contributions as the Minister of Transport?

Perron, C. (1960).Georges P. Vanier: Soldier, Diplomat, Governor General.National Film Board of Canada.  This video is another biopic looking into the life of Georges Vanier, the nineteenthgovernor general of Canada.

  • What was Vanier’s role in the world wars?
  • What were some of Vanier’s more diplomatic responsibilities as a governor general?

Maroist, G.&Ruel, E. (2014).God Save Justin Trudeau. National Film Board of Canada.  This is a very current and relevant documentary on Justin Trudeau’s political philosophy and rise to power. Although this video specifically follows the 2012 charity event between Trudeau and conservative Senator Brazeau, it also details some of the more subtle aspects of his political views.

  • What were some of the reasons Justin Trudeau entered politics?
  • What are some of his strategies for success?

CBC News. (2013). Backbench revolt over member’s statements? CBC. This video provides an interesting perspective from a backbencher MP’s point of view on how his role differs from cabinet ministers, specifically regarding their rights and parliamentary privileges.

  • What does parliamentary privilege mean?
  • What was MP Warawa’s point on standing orders?

CBC News. (2013). Are backbenchers being silenced? CBC. As a follow up to the previous video, various MPs discuss the restrictions put on them as backbencher MPs, providing an interesting discussion that also looks into how these restrictions affect democracy in Canada.

  • What specific motion did MP Warawa propose?
  • Why do backbencher MPs feel restricted in Parliament?

TVO. (2014). Kathleen Wynne: One Year in Power. TVO. This video is an intimate one-on-one interview with Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario, one year after she took office. The discussion deals with some of the challenges and criticisms that she faced during her tenure in office.

  • What are her specific duties and responsibilities as a premier?
  • What are some of the jurisdictional issues that the government of Ontario is responsible for?

CPAC.(2017). Address by Governor General Julie Payette. CPAC. This clip was one of Governor General Julie Payette’s first addresses after being sworn in as the governor general.

  • What are the main responsibilities of the governor general?

TVO.(2015). Justin Trudeau the Cabinetmaker.TVO. As discussed in this chapter, one of the many responsibilities of the prime minister is to build a cabinet that represents both the people and the government. This video clip discusses some of the requirements and components that go into building a cabinet.

  • What are some of the challenges associated with creating a cabinet that properly represents the country?
  • How important are gender and ethnicity when selecting cabinet members?
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