Regionalism and Political Cultures

The Agenda with Steve Paikin. (2017).Quebec in Canada? YouTube. Steve Paikin from the Agenda sits down with the Quebec minister for Canadian relations, Jean-Marc Fournier, to discuss how Quebecers identify with being Canadian.

  • How does Quebec view itself as a province within Canada?
  • How does Quebec place itself within Canada’s system of federalism?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin. (2011).Is Canada Governable? YouTube. A discussion as part of the Politics is Broken series includes input from academics, politicians, and civil servants. This discussion looks into the dichotomy between the eastern and western political divide, and the ability of the federal government to unite the country despite these diversions.

  • How do the different political institutions contribute, challenge, and fix the divisions in Canada’s different regions?
  • Is the government able to coherently govern and unite the country?

ONFB. (2012). Disunited States of Canada. National Film Board of Canada. This documentary provides an interesting look at the various economic, political, cultural, and social divisions in Canada.

  • What types of regional sentiments are portrayed in this film?
  • According to the film, why is there a divisive line between Quebec and the rest of Canada?

Godbout, J. (2000). Traitor or Patriot. National Film Board of Canada. This documentary looks into the life and reign of Adelard Godbout, the former premier of Quebec, focusing on his efforts into rebuilding Quebec during the Quiet Revolution.

  • What were some of Godbout’s accomplishments during the Quiet Revolution?
  • What were some of the challenges that Godbout endured during his time as the premier of Quebec?

Dolgoy, R. (1973). Promises, Promises…National Film Board of Canada. In this documentary, Dolgoy gives a thought-provoking look into the trials and tribulations of a small regional town, in this case,the Drumheller Valley region of Alberta. He focusses on the challenges of unemployment, regional tensions, and issues relating to urbanization.

  • How significant were the citizens’ contributions to the urbanization project?
  • What were some of the political and social challenges that the citizens faced during this project?

Coutu, J. (1975). Plea for the Wanderer. National Film Board of Canada. Another thought provoking documentary, but this time, it focusses on the plight of salmon farmers in the Eastern provinces of Canada.

  • What are some of the economic repercussions of salmon farming in Eastern Canada?
  • How does the Canadian government assist salmon farmers and the fishing industries in the East?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin. (2013). Mary Janigan: The West vs. the Rest of Canada. TVO. Journalists Mary Janigan and Steve Paikin discuss Janigan’s new book, which looks into the tension between Easternand Western Canadian share and capitalization of resources.

  • According to Mary Janigan, why is the tension between the West and East still as “old as the country itself”?
  • What are some of the possible solutions in the present day that can lessen this tension?

ONFB. (2000). Tenth Frontier: Volume 1. National Film Board of Canada This documentary offers an overview of life in Newfoundland and its contribution towards Canadian economy, its political scene, and political culture.

  • How has Newfoundland contributed towards the Canadian economy and cultural values?
  • What are some of the challenges that Newfoundland faced as a new province?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin.(2016). Alberta’s NDP Government: One Year On? YouTube. In this video, Steve Paikin discusses the rise and fall of the NDP government in Alberta and how they were perceived economically and politically in the province after 40 years of conservative rule.

  • How did the NDP perform during the first year in power in Alberta?
  • How did the change affect the overall political culture in Alberta?
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