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Dodek, A. (2013). The Canadian Constitution. Toronto, ON: Dundurn Press. This detailed guidebook to the Canadian Constitution includes a glossary, details on the role of the Supreme Court, a historical account of the Constitution, and complete texts of the 1867 and 1982 constitutions.

Dawson, M. (2012). “From the Backroom To The Front Line: Making Constitutional History or Encounters with the Constitution: Patriation, Meech Lake, and Charlottetown,” McGill Law Journal 57, no. 4: pp. 955–1000. Mary Dawson, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner of Canada, writes on the background, challenges, and process involved with the patriation of the Constitution as well as her own personal experience with the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords.

Johansen, D. & Rosen, P. (2008).“ The Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter,” Library of Parliament BP–194-E. paper prepared by the Parliamentary Information and Research Service that gives a content overview of Section 33’s notwithstanding clause, and its invocations and arguments for and against the clause.

Stacey, R. (2018). “Honour in Sovereignty: Can Crown Consultation with Indigenous Peoples Erase Canada’s Sovereignty Deficit?" University of Toronto Law Journal 68.3: 405-39. Web. This recent publication discusses some of the challenges faced by the indigenous communities as well as the Crown in establishing a mutual understanding of how sovereignty and sovereignty related issues are negotiated and resolved. Specific aspects of the constitution and charter relating to indigenous sovereignty, treaties, and reconciliation are also addressed in this article.

Sharpe, R. & Roach, K. (2017). The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Sixth Edition, Toronto, ON: Irwin Law. This book is an updated version of the previous 2013 edition and provides a thorough interpretation of the Charter, its application by the courts, and new developments on landmark charter cases.

Recommended Websites This link includes the official and fully documented Charter of Rights and Freedoms that outlines individual sections and its corresponding right and/or freedom. Thisofficial Supreme Court of Canada website contains full documentation and references to all Supreme Court cases. This link provides more information on The Canadian Constitution. The official website of the Parliament of Canada, with information on parliamentary business, the House of Commons, Senate, and all its members. A more abbreviated guide to the specific rights and freedoms in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This website includes a detailed account of the Government of Canada’s approach to inherent rights and Indigenous self-governing frameworks, including specific policy frameworks and negotiations. A detailed overview of the official Indian Act including all regulations made under the Indian Act. This website contains a full database of Supreme Court cases as well as information about judges, justices, and the judicial system. This website links to the full document of the Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960. The Canadian Constitutional Foundation (CCF) is a registered, independent, charity-based organization that looks into defending a citizen’s rights and freedoms through education, articles, publications, conferences, and media.

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