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Hart, M., Robertson, C.,&Dymond, B. (1994).Decision at Midnight: Inside the Canada-US Free Trade Agreements. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press. This book provides a detailed historical account on the development and provisions of free trade agreements between Canada and the US.

Tomlin, B,Hillmer, N.,&Hampson, F. (2008).Canada’s International Policies: Agendas, Alternatives and Policies. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press. This textbook focusses on foreign policy in Canada from a policy-making perspective.

Bratt, D.&KuKucha, C.D., eds. (2011).Readings in Canadian Foreign policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press. This is a comprehensive and theoretical book on foreign policy development in Canada.

Lackenbauer, W. & Lajeunesse, A. (2014).Canadian Arctic Defence Policy: A Synthesis of Key Documents, 1970-2013.Calgary, AB: Centre for Military and Strategic Studies. This book provides an excellent collection of documents and report summaries on the state of defense policies in Canada, specifically relating to the Canadian Arctic.

Hillmer, N.& Lagasse, P., eds. (2018).Justin Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy.London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan. This book specifically evaluates foreign policy under Justin Trudeau by focusing on his Liberal government’s policies on Indigenous issues, climate change, Canada-US relations, refugees, and other related foreign policy issues.

Juneau, T., Lagasse, P., &Vucetic, S., eds. (2019).Canadian Defence Policy in Theory and Practice.London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan. This edited collection includes material on Canada’s current defence policies, military, national security initiatives, and other related issues resulting from previous and current defence policy-making strategies.

Littlewood, J., Dawson, L.,& Thompson, K., eds. (2020).Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada.Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. Canada is not immune to acts of terrorism and terrorist-related activities. It is important to understand the consequences, motivations, and challenges that the government faces in trying to curb these activities. This book discusses some of these challenges and presents a well-analyzed discourse on terrorism in Canada.

Recommended Websites This website for the World Trade Organization provides information on member states, trade topics, news, and events relating to trade and economic issues. This article explains CUSMA, the new free trade agreements that replace NAFTA, on the official website of the Council of Canadians. This is the official website of the AIT (the intergovernmental trade agreement that was established in 1995).  This is the official website for the CSE, a very covert institution operating through the Department of National Defence. The official website ofAPEC which is another economic organization that Canada belongs to at the international level. This link provides information on La Francophonie through the Global Affairs website (in French). A collection of information on foreign policy, foreign trade, diplomatic services, information on countries and travel advisories, as well as publications on Canada’s international involvements.

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