Research Insights 16.2 Developing Buyer–Seller Relationships

Business-to-Business Marketing

Source: Dwyer, R. F., Schurr, P. H., and Oh, S. (1987), ‘Developing buyer–seller relationships’, Journal of Marketing, 51 (April), 11–27.

Abstract: Marketing theory and practice have focused persistently on exchange between buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, most of the research and too many of the marketing strategies treat buyer-seller exchanges as discrete events, not as ongoing relationships. The authors describe a framework for developing buyer-seller relationships that affords a vantage point for formulating marketing strategy and for stimulating new research directions.

Insight: This article is one of the most cited in the subject area. Its popularity is based on the critical observation that buyer–seller exchanges are not discrete activities or events, but a part of ongoing relationships. The authors present a framework for developing buyer–seller relationships that links into marketing strategy.