Internet Activities 9.1 Pricing of Budget Airline Services

Price and Customer Value Decisions

Chapter Reference

Chapter 9: Price and Customer Value Decisions


This activity will introduce you to evaluate the impact that purchase context has on the pricing of budget airline services.

Activity Description

Low cost flying throughout Europe is a reality. Use the list of 'no frills' airlines' web sites to conduct research into the pricing of budget air travel. Try to find the price of a ticket to a European destination of your choice, for the following days:

•         Tomorrow afternoon

•         Two weeks' time

•         Two months' time

•         Compare the prices and availability for the days shown and make comments about what you find.

•         At differing times, airline seats are as cheap as bus tickets. Consider how has this happened and what costs are there to us as consumers or to society as a whole?

•         Draw up a list of benefits and costs for the budget airline industry.


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British Airways: