Internet Activities 8.3 FMCG Companies NPDP

New Proposition Development and Innovation

Chapter Reference

Chapter 8: New Proposition Development and Innovation


This activity will introduce you to the different ways in which two leading companies in the manufacture of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’s) approach and value the innovation process in new product development.

Activity Description

Visit the following company websites and compare and contrast their differing approaches to developing new products. Consider the following:

•         What processes have they in place?

•         What values in NPD do they aspire to?

•         What methodologies do they use?

•         What is important to the differing companies with respect to innovation?

‘Innovation creates great new products that consumers love. At Unilever, our R&D teams also work on breakthroughs that will build a brighter future’.
Proctor and Gamble: ‘We believe innovation starts with the consumer. We gain insights into their everyday lives so we can combine “what’s needed” with “what’s possible.” Our goal is to offer them product options at all pricing tiers to drive preference for our brands and provide meaningful value’.