Internet Activities 8.2 Product Range Terminology

New Proposition Development and Innovation

Chapter Reference

Chapter 8: New Proposition Development and Innovation


In this activity, you will gain a clearer idea of product range terminology.

Activity Description

The product range encapsulates the products in the company’s portfolio and maps out how they are related as a category. This would take into account its product item, line, mix, length, depth, and width.

To begin, choose one company from the following list:

  • L’Oréal

  • Ikea

  • Apple

  • LG

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • Cadburys

Give examples for your chosen brand of what would be included in each category below.

  • Product Item

  • Product Line

  • Product Mix

  • Product Line Length

  • Product Line Depth

  • Product Mix Width


  • How synergistic are these products to each other?

  • What new innovative products would you propose that would fit in within their existing product range?