Internet Activities 4.3 Competitor’s Strategic Activities

The Marketing Environment

Chapter Reference

Chapter 4: The Marketing Environment


This activity will introduce you to a number of sources that can be useful when conducting competitors’ analysis.

Activity Description

Below is a useful website that might be useful in analysing competitors’ strategic activities. As the Marketing Manager of Starbucks Coffee Shop, use the site to help you answer the following questions:

  1. Who are your competitors?

  2. What products or services are they selling?

  3. How much market share do they have?

  4. What were their past strategies?

  5. Are they using the same strategy?

  6. How aggressive are they on the promotion front?

  7. How competitive are they?

  8. Are their strengths and weaknesses the same as yours?

  9. How big of a threat are they to you?

  10. How do their strategies affect your business?


The website PESTLE Analysis provides concise explanations of the importance of marketing competitors analysis including various useful tools in conducting it.