Chapter 3 Library of Video Links

Marketing research and customer insight

Resource Title: CMO Survey: Procter & Gamble

Brand and/or Topic: Marketing Research, Customer Insight

Resource Description: Get a glimpse into Procter & Gamble’s marketing strategy. Fuqua Professor and Founder of the CMO Survey, Christine Moorman interviews Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble is the 2009 winner of The CMO Survey Award for Excellence in Marketing.

Channel: Duke University - FuquaSchOfBusiness 

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Resource Title: History of Marketing Research

Brand and/or Topic: Marketing Research

Resource Description: This is a video of Nigel Bradley talking about the history of Marketing Research

Channel: Market Research Video

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Resource Title: The Role of Research in Advertising Screener

Brand and/or Topic: Research, Advertising Effects

Resource Description: Screener for The Role of Research in Advertising. This program looks at the role of research into public attitudes to advertisements and how the results of this research can affect both the sales of the product and the ways in which the product is advertised. It includes a lively debate which illustrates the ongoing and emotive conflict between the creative process and the requirements of researchers and clients. Australian Film Television and Radio School production.

Channel: Contemporary Arts Media - Artfilms

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Resource Title: How Americans Really Feel About Being Followed Online

Brand and/or Topic: Privacy, Observation, Data Control

Resource Description: A survey conducted by Joseph Turow, Ph.D., the Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication, and the UC Berkeley Law School indicates that Americans reject the notion of receiving online advertising customized to their preferences. The survey results were initially reported in The New York Times on Wednesday, September 30, and later reported in numerous news outlets.

Channel: The Annenberg School for Communication

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Resource Title: Understanding consumer psychology in a recession

Brand and/or Topic: Consumer Psychology in a recession

Resource Description: Professor John Quelch discusses consumer psychology in a recession to understand what motivate consumers in difficult economic circumstances. An interview with John Quelch, Professor, Harvard Business School. In a tough economy, companies can succeed if they understand their customers' evolving consumption patterns and fine-tune their marketing strategies accordingly.

Channel: Harvard Business Review

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