Internet Activities 2.3 Volkswagen

Consumer Buying Behaviour

Chapter Reference

Chapter 2: Consumer Buying Behaviour


In this activity, you will watch a TV advertisement for VW and evaluate how the creative uses the family lifecycle to communicate brand values to the target audience.

Activity Description

The family life cycle concept attempts to explain consumer behaviour patterns of individuals as they age, marry, have children and retire. At each stage members have new and constant needs for goods and services, therefore their consumption patterns change. Many companies successfully use this concept in their advertising.

Visit the YouTube website and locate the Corporate TV advertisement titled: ‘Memories’ and evaluate how the creative uses the family lifecycle concept to communicate its brand’s core values.


•         What brand values does the advertisement convey?

•         What stage/s in the lifecycle are represented?

•         Describe the actors in the creative?

•         Who is the target audience?

•         What type of appeal is being used?

•         Do you think it is an effective execution?


Corporate TV Advertisement: Title ‘Memories’ (or search VW memories advert from South Africa in YouTube)

This is the South African website for Volkswagen in which audiences can download and watch many of their successful TV advertisements. The advertisement you are after is a Corporate TV Advertisement.