Not-for-Profit and Social Marketing

The National Council of Non-profit Associations (NCNA)

The National Council of Nonprofits (Council of Nonprofits) is a trusted resource and proven advocate for America’s charitable nonprofits. Connecting the policy dots across all levels and branches of governments, the Council of Nonprofits keeps nonprofits informed and empowered to create a positive public policy environment that best supports nonprofits in advancing their missions. Working with and through the nation’s largest network of nonprofits – with 25,000-plus organizational members - we identify emerging trends, share proven practices, and promote solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the communities they serve.

the Healthcare Communication and Marketing Association, Inc. (HCMA)

AHCM is a vibrant, professional network for healthcare communications and marketing professionals. The AHCM is the primary independent network for people working in communications, public engagement and marketing for the NHS.

Business in the Community (BITC)

Business in the Community (BITC) was founded in 1982 and has over 830 members. BITC is one of the oldest UK business associations dedicated to corporate responsibility, and aims to encouraging businesses to make a positive impact in the community, workplace, marketplace, and environment.

PSMG is the Not-for-Profit Professional Services Marketing Association

PSMG is the Not-for-Profit Professional Services Marketing Association. Membership is drawn from across the professions including law, accountancy, real estate, banking, architecture, actuarial, insurance, management consultancy, marketing communications, engineering and construction as well as those with an interest in professional services marketing. It is a not-for-profit group for all those with an interest in marketing within professional services organisations, including practitioners, recognised consultants, suppliers and those who have an interest in this sector.

Cause Marketing Forum (USA)

Cause Marketing Forum, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the goal of increasing the number of successful company/cause alliances by providing business and non-profit executives with the practical information and connections they need to succeed. Its business is built on service provided to members through conferences, webinars, newsletters, podcast, awards, and recognition programme.


Newman’s own

In 1982, Newman’s Own started as a tiny boutique operation – parchment labels on elegant wine bottles that Paul Newman filled with his homemade salad dressing and gave to his neighbours as holiday gifts. But in these thirty years, Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $450 million to thousands of charities.

The US Department of Homeland Security

Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping the country safe. The campaign "If You See Something, Say Something™" engages the public in protecting the country from terrorisms through awareness–building, partnerships, and other outreach methods.

17 Creative Visual Marketing Campaigns by Nonprofits

Much can be learned by examining various nonprofit organizations’ visual campaigns, taking note of the different media and styles used, as well as the ways in which they are promoted. To inspire your own nonprofit marketing ideas, we’ve highlighted 17 organizations that conducted seriously successful visual campaigns.

20 Nonprofit Marketing Campaign Case Studies

Whether you work with a small nonprofit or a large one, creativity is key in a nonprofit marketing campaign. A big budget with bland ideas won’t get you anywhere. What are some of the best ways to get the word out there? One great way is taking advantage of the Google Grant for Google AdWords, which you can learn more about on our homepage. If you have more questions, Nonprofit Megaphone would love to schedule a free consultation regarding this marketing opportunity with the grant and how we could help you make the most of it.