Internet Activities 16.1 Software to Business Customers

Business-to-Business Marketing

Chapter Reference

Chapter 16: Business-to-Business Marketing


This activity introduces you to how the Internet is used to market computing technologies and software to business customers.

Activity Description

We are increasingly seeing websites for computing technologies and software being used to reach both B2C and B2B audiences. Visit the following websites for computing products and consider how they are targeted to business customers differently to sites targeted to individual consumers.

Consider the following:

  • What type of information is available at these websites that would be valuable to the business customer?

  • How does this information differ from that provided to the end consumer?

  • What criteria do you think these organisations use to segment their B2B audiences?

  • Compare and contrast the different types of message appeals that are used to both B2B and B2C audience? How do B2B messages differ?

  • Do you think the web is an appropriate medium to communicate and build a relationship with B2B audiences?