Chapter 14 Library of Video Links

Channels, Supply Chains, and Retailing

Resource Title: Lindsay Parker - Global Retail Solutions, Cisco

Brand and/or Topic: Retailing, Cisco

Resource Description: Lindsay Parker, Director of Retail Industry Solutions talks about what advice Cisco gives retailers in this economic climate, and how retailers can best use technology to get closer to their customers.

Channel: CSCOPR

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Resource Title: East Africa Report - Carbon Retailing

Brand and/or Topic: Retailing, Delivery, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Retailing

Resource Description: The world today is being affected by a large variety of environmental concerns, with many blaming global warming for the problem. The flower and fresh food sector was particularly hard hit by the environment when a volcanic ash cloud grounded planes to Europe and affected deliveries to markets. In a bid to address some environmental concerns, global carbon retail standards have been drawn up. Representatives of the agro-food and flower sectors met in Nairobi to understand how to manage this.

Channel: CNBCAfrica

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Resource Title: The Future of Retail

Brand and/or Topic: Future of retail

Resource Description: A video describing the evolution in retail due to the introduction of new technologies, and their influence on customer experience.

Channel: DigitalDazzle

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Resource Title: Supply Chains and Information Technology
Brand and/or Topic: Supply chain management
Resource Description: Modern day supply chains are tasked with responding at lightning speed. Like our central nervous system helps us make good decisions, perform physical feats, and communicate effectively and efficiently with those around us, information technology is required to help our supply chains efficiently perform at peak levels. This module illustrates how our uses of technology mirror those of the supply chains use of modern information technology systems.
Channel: W. P. Carey School of Business
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Resource Title: Tesco (Distribution Chain)
Brand and/or Topic: Distribution
Resource Description: These video productions were produced in close collaboration with the client, ensuring that the company’s overall objectives were being met, while also maintaining the integrity and engagement of the video production.
The result was a series of training and informational videos that informed new and existing staff about some of the key processes in the Tesco supply, distribution, and sales chain. For example, the above video highlights the importance of an efficient supply chain within the company framework, and the responsibility every employee has to maintain this process.
Channel: AnimoTV
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