Internet Activities 14.2 Internet Retailing Sites

Channels, Supply Chains, and Retailing

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Chapter 14: Channels, Supply Chains, and Retailing


This activity introduces you to a variety of online music sharing sites and the importance of the provision of music delivery information online prior to purchase.


Learn more about online music sharing and the importance of delivery information for the music sector. The provision of music delivery information accessible online prior to purchase is used to reduce consumer uncertainty and increase online retailing delivery and fulfilment satisfaction.

With a proliferation of online sharing and purchasing websites, assess how each provides their music, what are their USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and how they differentiate from each other in terms of the retailing process. Consider: How does each site enhance the user experience? How do sites such as Apple iTunes, Napster, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and e-music entice users to purchase when there is an increasing number of free streaming sites such as 8tracks and YouTube, etc.

Visit the following websites: