Brand Decisions

Mind Tools

Mind Tools is an online resource designed to help its users develop career skills. This article gives a detailed overview of Keller’s Brand Equity Model, highlighting four steps of building and managing a strong brand that customers will support: brand identity, brand meaning, brand responses, and brand relationships.


IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. The company develops and sells software and systems hardware and a broad range of infrastructure, cloud and consulting services. Today, IBM is focused on four growth initiatives - business analytics, cloud computing, growth markets, and Smarter Planet.

Brand Semiotics

Brand Semiotics Limited is a specialist research consultancy that uses cultural insight to strengthen marketing, branding and innovation. Since its inception in 2000, the organization has worked on brands including DirectGov, Coca Cola, Sainsbury’s, Niquitin, and many more.

Practical Semiotics

Practical Semiotics is an agency seeking to allow clients to ‘master the hidden depths of your brand’, based on semiotic research. Previous clients include Unilever, Kellogg’s, World Vision, and Transport for London. The website includes brief case studies of previous projects and testimonials.

Semiotics: An introduction to the study of signs and symbols

This web page provides an alternative introduction to semiotics. It includes definitions of terminology, in addition to illustrative examples.

How to use semiotics in branding

This article provides a brief introduction to semiotics, and details how brands can benefit from it, in that new products, brands or communications will ‘make sense’ to consumers when innovations are rooted in lived experiences. The article includes various examples of brands using semiotic research, including Nintendo Wii, Twitter, and 1HQ.

Academic introduction to semiotics

This article gives an academic introduction to semiotics, providing alternative definitions, and approaches, and overviewing its philosophical foundations.

The Importance of Semiotics in Branding

Semiotics can be described as the science of studying all the signs and symbols in a given culture that interact with the signs and symbols embedded in a brand, whether communications, packaging or product and shape consumer understanding. Semiotics can thus be a powerful tool to create awareness, develop brand associations and add brand values that make a difference in the market.


Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world through an intense process of selection. Participation is strictly by selection and invitation. Superbrands has launched programmes in more than 85 countries including all the key global markets. The organisation has conferred the ‘Superbrands Status’ on approximately 20,000 major brands through more than 400 separate publications.


The Sintex group is one of the leading providers of plastics and niche textile-related

products in India. With global footprints spanning 9 countries, Sintex has a strong presence in the European, American, African, and Asian markets including countries like France, Germany and USA.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The AMA leads an unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence. The AMA offers differentiated content that focuses on the tension between Best Versus Next Practices™. With content coming from unrivalled scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and award-winning publications, like Marketing News, the AMA offers a robust perspective that understands that marketers are expected to provide both solutions for today and solutions for tomorrow. The AMA strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world; an essential community for marketers.


As award-winning structural glazing specialists, we excel at managing projects that many other structural glazing engineers find too complex. We often undertake major works on occupied properties and provide on or off-site refurbishment services for listed buildings. We design and install glazing and façades for properties in hard-to-reach or sensitive locations, which have included the BT Tower, Aldwych House, 110 High Holborn and The National Archives.