Internet Activities 13.3 Peppa Pig

Brand Decisions

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Chapter 13: Branding Decisions


In this activity, you will learn more about the co-creation of the brand Peppa Pig.


Customers can co-create branding in different ways, but most are rooted in brand value. France et al. (2015) refer to co-creation in the context of exchanges with, and experiences of, a brand, influencing customer perception, customer generated advertising, new product development, social media, and word-of-mouth. The rise of ‘communications anarchy’ unleashed by the Internet renders an ‘architecture of participation’ that has led to consumer empowerment on a level previously unimaginable. These co-creators appear to consider themselves to be brand co-owners, rather than passive recipients of company-created brand messages.

Watch an episode of Peppa Pig on the official YouTube channel, and then search for “Peppa Pig Mashup” on YouTube. Consider what emotions are conveyed in a Peppa Pig “mashup” shown in YouTube videos. Why do you think “mashups” help create brand sensation? How would you create a Peppa Pig “mashup” that reflects your personality?     

Visit the following websites:

Peppa Pig (official YouTube channel)