Internet Activities 13.2 Generating Brand Names

Brand Decisions

Chapter Reference

Chapter 13: Branding Decisions


In this activity, you will learn more about generating brand names.


In no order of importance, brand names should be easily recalled, spelt, and spoken. It should be strategically consistent with the organization’s branding policies and be indicative of the offering’s major benefits and characteristics. As well as being distinctive and be meaningful to the customer, legally it should be capable of registration and protection.

Imagine you are the creative director of a new start-up. Create three names from each category by using one of the suggested brand name generators. Using the criteria above, how successful do you think these brand names would be?

Different products in the following categories:

  • Electric car

  • Organic orange juice

  • Trainers (sneakers)

  • Low alcoholic beer

  • Low fat yoghurt

  • A premium macaroni cheese oven meal

Visit the following websites: