Chapter 12 Library of Video Links

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Resource Title: The Rise of the Creative Consumers

Brand and/or Topic: Creative Consumers, Technology, User-generated Content

Resource Description: Part 1 of 4 in the series ‘Whose Brand Is It Anyway? Companies Battle Creative Consumers’. A long-time observer of the ways in which technology shapes us, Pierre Berthon has lately turned his attention to a related phenomenon: the ways in which we shape technology. In particular, Professor Berthon is focusing on the emergence of the ‘creative consumer’ individuals who adapt and transform technology, and by extension consumer products, in ways that challenge corporate brand ownership.

Channel: Bentley University

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Resource Title: GIO Media & Content: Marketing in Digital Communities

Brand and/or Topic: Digital Communities

Resource Description: Media and Content video vignette from GIO 3.0 - Marketing in Digital Communities

Channel: ibmgio

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Resource Title: Advertising Age on Youtube

Brand and/or Topic: Viral Ads, Youtube, Advertising

Resource Description: Advertising Age and Creativity program YouTube for the day to showcase some of the best viral ads. See the whole playlist here.

Channel: AdAge

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Resource Title: SEO: How to choose keyphrases

Brand and/or Topic: Search Marketing

Resource Description: Understanding the difference between long tail and short tail in search and how you can decide what key-phrase to use to optimize your website by Tim Fidgeon.

Channel: oxfordlearnlab

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Resource Title: The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

Brand and/or Topic: Web 3.0

Resource Description: With over a billion users, today's Internet is arguably the most successful human artefact ever created. The Future Internet, an initiative driven by the European Union, has become a prime research focus of STI International and the Service Web 3.0 project.

Channel: Semantic Technology

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