Internet Activities 12.3 Online/Offline Search

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Chapter Reference

Chapter 12: Digital and Social Media Marketing


This activity introduces you to online search as a form of advertisement in mobile marketing.

Activity Description

The use of smartphone apps is becoming, increasingly, the default mechanism for such searches. These apps use a combination of barcode scanning and location-based services to provide relevant information, e.g., showing only stores near the consumer when he/she is carrying out a price comparison. Mobile search also enables the convergence of online and offline for example by enabling barcode scanning. Download Google Search mobile app., if you haven’t got it already, and locate the search for the following:

•         Japanese restaurants

•         Shoes

•         A loaf of bread

•         Marketing courses

What offerings do you tend not to search online?

Google, is a web search engine and it is the most-used search engine.