Internet Activities 12.1 EY Twitter

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Chapter Reference

Chapter 12: Digital and Social Media Marketing


In this activity, you will learn more about how EY use Twitter to maintain an on-going real dialogue with their followers.


Imagine you’re hired as an intern and will assist in managing EY’s social media to recruit a new set of graduates. Using the social media platforms available, decide which should be used and what messages would be broadcasted.

Consider the following:

  • What sort of relationship do you want to build?

  • What are the types of conversations that would help form a conversation and authentic engagement?

  • What topics would be most relevant to students as they approach graduation and start job hunting?

  • How would the topics and potential messages for graduates differ to Ernst and Young’s messages to their clients?

  • How does the Twitter page inspire followers to engage in this community and form around EY’s brand values?