Internet Activities 11.3 Bacardi

Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix

Chapter Reference

Chapter 11: Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix


This activity invites you to critically review the Ray-Ban ‘Neverhide’ campaign and its effective execution.

Activity Description

Visit the website for Ray-Ban and review the ‘Neverhide’ campaign. During your review consider the following:

•         What is the objective of the campaign?

•         Who are the intended audience?

•         What is the meaning the creative is trying to convey?

•         How did Ray-Ban execute the campaign across differing media?

•         How did Ray-Ban get audience involvement in the campaign?

•         Do you think this is an effective marketing communications campaign?

Ray-Ban, the world's best-selling eyewear brand and the most iconic eyewear brand in the world. The brand launched a massive global marketing effort in 2007 with more than 20 countries involved.
Some of the campaign advertisements and resulting audience-generated videos are also hosted on YouTube.