Internet Activities 11.1 Toyota

Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix

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Chapter 11: Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix


This activity introduces you to marketing communication focused on educating the target audience about the product offering, the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Activity Description

Where learning is the priority in marketing communications, the overall goal should be to inform or educate the target audience. If the product is new it will be important to make the target audience aware of the product’s existence and to inform them of the brand’s key attributes and benefits.

Visit the website for Toyota Hybrid Synergy drive and consider if it effectively executes educating target audiences about this innovation. Consider:

•         What is the key message of the communication?

•         Who is the target audience?

•         How does the communication help to educate its target audience?

•         The role and effect the channel (website) has on audience education and learning

•         What else can Toyota do to increase learning and education about the Hybrid Synergy Drive?