Research Insights 10.3 A Communication-Based Marketing Model

Research Insights 10.3 A Communication-Based Marketing Model

Principles of Marketing Communications

Source: Duncan, T., and Moriarty, S. (1998). A communication-based marketing model for managing relationships. Journal of Marketing, 62(2), 1–13.

Abstract: The authors propose a communication-based model of relationship marketing and discuss how communication (rather than persuasion) is the foundation of the "new" customer-focused marketing efforts. The authors trace recent parallel shifts in communication and marketing theory and show the intersections between communication and marketing. Although communication always has been a critical element in marketing, the authors show how the increase in interactivity makes communication an even more valuable element of marketing by identifying those many points that link the two disciplines. Using the three key points at which the two disciplines intersect--messages, stakeholders, and interactivity--the authors develop a communication-based model of marketing. They demonstrate how interactive communication at three levels--corporate, marketing, and marketing communication--leads to the brand relationships that drive brand value.


This is one of the most important academic articles in the field of marketing communications. It was pivotal because it drove the transition from a functional perspective of integrated marketing communications to a perspective that emphasized its role within relationship marketing.