Internet Activities 10.3 Burberry

Principles of Marketing Communications

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Chapter 10: Principles of Marketing Communications


In this activity, you will learn more about the way the fashion house, Burberry, uses marketing communications and how they engage in peer-to-peer communications.


Marketing communications can be used to differentiate brands and organizations, to reinforce brand memories and expectations, to inform (i.e. to make aware or educate audiences), and finally to persuade audiences to undertake particular actions or to behave in certain ways.

Burberry has used Instagram and TV advertising for its new launches and linked up with Apple iPhone 5. Assess the success of these marketing communications.


  • How appropriate are the communications used, given the targeted audience? (Hint: you will need to consider what audience they are trying to target).

  • Consider their use of user-generated content e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and the type of audience following Burberry on these platforms.

  • How are different platforms used to fulfil their marketing objectives?

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