Internet Activities 10.2 Strong and Weak Theories of Advertising

Principles of Marketing Communications

Chapter Reference

Chapter 10: Principles of Marketing Communications


In this activity, you will learn more about the strong and weak theories of advertising, with a specific focus on furniture advertising.


Below are links to Oak Furniture Land and DFS, both selling furniture but using two different types of adverts.

Contrast and assess how one uses a message which is all about product and price features such as those used in most furniture ads (an example of the application of the Strong Theory) and the other conveys its marketing message using emotions and feelings (an application of the Weak Theory). Evaluate what you think is the relative success of each approach and how they might appeal to their respective audiences.


  • The different rational and emotional appeals used.

  • Why would DFS use elements associated with the Weak Theory of advertising?

  • For the furniture category, which approach do you think would be most effective?

Visit the following websites:


Oak Furniture Land