Internet Activities 10.1 Word of Mouth in Contemporary Advertising

Principles of Marketing Communications

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Chapter 10: Principles of Marketing Communications


This activity will help you to earn more about the importance of word-of-mouth in contemporary advertising.


Today, organizations actively manage word-of-mouth communications to generate positive comments and as a way of differentiating themselves in the market. Viral marketing or ‘word-of-mouse’ communication is an electronic version of the spoken endorsement of an offering.  Toyota Camry has been popular in the US for 13 years. However, it receives a reputation for being boring. People saw buying a Camry as a rational, economic decision — not necessarily an exciting experience worth telling a friend about. So to turn that attitude around, Toyota’s social team created a campaign to promote the car’s ‘bold new’ redesign. They relied on personalized content, spreading the word through influencers, and hitting on some sharing habits customers already have.

Go and have a look at the following video, which is a presentation by Toyota’s Director of Social Media. How does this kind of interactivity appeal to the user and create more brand interest from users?

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