Web links: Chapter 21

Information about current MPs

The best way to obtain information on current MPs is through the UK Parliament’s website. Each MP has a brief biographical record webpage, which gives basic information about their election and parliamentary roles. It also links to the MP’s known social media. The list of all MPs can be reached here.

Determining MPs’ social and demographic profiles

Whilst it is very simple to access basic information about MPs’ election and parliamentary role, access to their socio-demographic profile can be less straight forward, as it typically relies on the combination of different variables, some of which may not be known. Still, the House of Commons library provides access to an overview of MPs’ social backgrounds since 1979. This page gives also access to a fuller report and to an Excel spreadsheet with data.

The Sutton Trust also produces overviews of MPs’ social background at each election. This refers to MPs in elected in 2015 and this in 2017.

The Parliamentary Candidates research project also has very rich data, encompassing a number of different areas.

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