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The support given to MPs and Peers is paramount to the work they are able to undertake. This support is given through a wide range of roles, as this list from the House of Lords illustrates, from clerks to policy analysts. This page gives links to jobs currently being advertised, as well as an overview of the different types of jobs available in Parliament.

This page gives an overview of the different services of the House of Commons. The annual reports of the House of Commons Commission give a detailed account of the different services that support parliamentary work. These can be accessed through the Commission’s Publications page (choose a specific year and click on search All; this should list that year’s annual report). See, for instance, the Commission annual report for 2015-16. This Board paper gives an overview of the increase in number of staff supporting parliamentary business. This overview gives the number of MPs, Peers, House and staff over time; it includes both totals for MPs and Peers’ staff, and for House staff.

This report with former Members gives interesting insights into MPs’ views on how well the House supports the work of MPs.

Staff support all of the parliamentary work undertaken in Parliament, but are rarely noticed. Watch this Westminster Hall debate and note the clerk to the left of the Chair, supporting the running of that session, plus other staff in the room such as door keepers and Hansard reporters.

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