Chapter 1 Self-test questions

What is Land Law?

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Which, if any of the following four statements is true of the approach taken in this book to defining the scope of land law?
(i) Land law is a sub-set of property law.
(ii) Land law involves all the legal rules that relate to land.
(iii) Land law is unaffected by human rights.
(iv) The focus of land law is on the nature, creation, and protection of interests in land.

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Which of the following statements most accurately describes personal rights and property rights?

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In National Provincial Bank v Ainsworth, why was Mrs Ainsworth unsuccessful in her attempt to assert a right against the bank?

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According to Elitestone Ltd v Morris, at what point do building materials placed on land in order to build a structure become 'part and parcel' of the land?

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According to the reasoning in Parker v British Airways and Waverley Borough Council v Fletcher, in which of these situations will the finder of an object have a right to it which outweighs that of the landowner on which an object is found?

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