Chapter 10 Video Quiz: NASA Live Spacewalk

Social Media and Mobile

An 8-hour Facebook Live from NASA brings Facebook users closer to space, with video footage and sound from two astronauts at the International Space Station.

Quiz Content

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. Growing online video service providers such as YouTube, which had more than 1.9 billion monthly users in 2019, compel public relations professionals to think beyond basic video capabilities, which requires________

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. Short, snackable content has long been the unwritten rule of success for videos that capture limited attention spans. However, as NASA demonstrates in their Live Spacewalk video, length is no longer the determining factor in whether or not viewers choose to watch a video. What determines whether a viewer remains engaged with a video?

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. NASA provides a clear example of longer videos that keep users' attention, although shorter videos with a limited shelf-life tend to thrive on social media. What content strategy(ies) refers to the segmentation of video into smaller segments available for shorter periods of time before they expire?

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