Chapter 10 Video Quiz: The Jonas Brothers: Year 2019

Social Media and Mobile

The Jonas Brothers’ parody of their hit song “Year 3000” alludes to the shift in mobile video consumption, exemplified by the millions of views the video garnered on YouTube.

Video titled: Chapter 10 Video Quiz: The Jonas Brothers: Year 2019

Quiz Content

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. As with the example of the Jonas' Brothers appearance on The Late Show with James Corden, what types of opportunities does mobile present for organizations?

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. With smartphone users constantly keeping their phones nearby, and consuming content, what challenges does this mobile culture present for organizations working to engage key publics?

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. Research shows social networking and instant messaging apps are among the most popular communication tools, and as illustrated by the lines "TV has changed, now it's all on your cell phoneTwitter sucks, Instagram is thriving" in the Jonas Brothers' parody, the communication landscape is rapidly, and ever changing. What strategy(ies) should organizations consider adopting to become part of the social conversation?

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