The following is a list of websites providing free access to a wide range of materials relating to the law of evidence.

Advocate’s Gateway
A variety of resources relating to vulnerable witnesses and defendants, including toolkits for case management and planning to question different types of vulnerable witness.

Attorney General’s Office
A variety of announcements, publications, consultations, and statistics.

Australasian Legal Information Institute
Australian and international cases, legislation, and legal articles.

BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)
British and Irish cases and legislation, EU cases, Law Commission reports, and other British and Irish law-related material.

Bar Standards Board

The website of the regulator of barristers and other legal professionals in England and Wales with information and resources on the conduct of professional practice, including a handbook containing rules and guidance on professional ethics:

Canadian Legal Information Institute
Canadian cases and legislation.

Civil Procedure Rules

Codes of Practice (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984)

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute
Cases and legislation from all Commonwealth countries, External Territories, Dependencies, Hong Kong, and Ireland.

Criminal Bar Association
Various updates and resources relating to criminal law and practice.

Criminal Courts Review, A Review of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales by Lord Justice Auld, September 2001

Criminal Practice Directions

Criminal Procedure Rules

Crown Court Compendium, Part 1

Guidance on directing the jury in Crown Court trials and on jury and trial management.

Crown Prosecution Service
Research material, including resources for victims and witnesses and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Reports.

European Court of Human Rights
The European Convention on Human Rights, ECHR cases and news on forthcoming and recent judgments.

Family Procedure Rules

Federal Rules of Evidence (United States)

Home Office
Publications, policies, consultations, and statistics relating to crime.

Judicial College
Publications relating to judicial training, including key reference material.

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Judgments of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Law Commission
Law Commission Reports and Consultation Papers.

Law Reform Commission of Ireland
Irish Law Reform Reports and Consultation Papers.

Various materials relating to civil liberties and human rights.

Memory and the law: The Research Board of the British Psychological Society’s Guidelines on Memory and the Law
Findings and recommendations from the scientific study of human memory.

Ministry of Justice
Statistics and policy and research publications.

New Zealand Legal Information Institute
New Zealand cases, legislation, and legal articles.

Northern Ireland Law Commission
Northern Ireland Law Reform Reports and Consultation Papers.

Bills and draft Bills before Parliament and Hansard (the edited verbatim reports of proceedings in both Houses of Parliament).

Parliamentary Documents
Command and House of Commons Papers.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
Materials relating to human rights in the UK, including judgments, reports, and associated evidence.

Procedure Rules

Scottish Law Commission
Scottish Law Reform Reports and Consultation Papers.

South Africa Supreme Court of Appeal
All judgments of the South Africa Supreme Court of Appeal from 1999 onwards.

Supreme Court
Judgments of the Supreme Court and live video coverage of sittings.

The Bar Council

The website of the representative body for barristers in England and Wales with information and resources for barristers, including a professional ethics and practice hub (

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy Guidance on the preparation, admission and examination of expert evidence

United Kingdom Legislation
UK Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments.

World Legal Information Institute
Access to worldwide law, including a Law Reform Project with links to worldwide law reform databases.

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