Chapter 7 Web links


Site of the Committee making procedural rules relating to family matters

The rules themselves

Site of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, the agency set up to represent the interests of children in family law cases.

Department of Education website on family policy and law.

Site of the Family and Child Care Trust, which brings together the National Family and Parenting Institute set up under the Supporting Families initiative and the Daycare Trust.


Domestic violence

Government website with information about domestic violence.

Site offering advice about dealing with domestic violence

Privately run information site with links to organisations assisting victims of domestic violence.




Text of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child

UN Human Rights Committee’s Committee on the Rights of the Child

Site of the Children’s Commissioner for England.

Site of the Children's Commissioner for Wales.

Site of the Coram Childrens' Legal Centre, a unique, independent national charity concerned with law and policy affecting children and young people. It opened in 1981, as the major UK project for the International Year of the Child, and is staffed by lawyers and professionals with experience in child law.


Child support

Site giving information about how child maintenance is dealt with.


Advisory and professional groups

Site of the Family Justice Council. The Council's primary role is to promote an inter-disciplinary approach to the needs of family justice, and through consultation and research, to monitor the effectiveness of the system and advise on reforms necessary for continuous improvement.

New body, chaired by David Norgrove, created to steer through the reforms to the family justice system proposed by his Review Committee.

Home page for Resolution, the name for the Solicitors Family Law Association, giving details of the approach SFLA members take to family dispute-resolution.

Home page of the Law Society family law accreditation panel.

Home page of the Family Law Bar Association.


Family mediation

UK College of Mediators. Formerly the College of Family Mediators.

Home page for Relate, providing a range of relationship counselling services in locations throughout England and Wales.