Chapter 1 Web links



Sources of legal information

This is an extremely rich electronic library of legal materials relating to Britain and Ireland. It is one of a number of electronic Legal Information Institutes, a concept which originated in Australia. This site provides links to a number of other sites.

Homepage of the Central Government website relating to consumer rights and consumer protection, much of which has important implications for the legal system - in particular civil dispute resolution

Homepage for the Council of Europe, particularly important for the European Convention on Human Rights

European Union portal giving access to the law of the European Union. It provides link to a wealth of information about the work of the Council of Europe.

Ministry of Justice home page. Can be a difficult site to navigate around; go to search if you are looking for some particular matter not listed in the main menu. Useful links to other sites for organisations sponsored by the MoJ.

An excellent and very extensive e-library resource. Originally complied by Sarah Carter, the former law librarian at the University of Kent, it now contains much information about how to do legal research. (Many UK university and professional law libraries have created similar on-line resources for finding legal material: google legal research databases uk to see the range of websites that are now available.)

This is a privately run gateway to information about law and solicitors. It has a dedicated student section.


Public Legal Education

Website of the foundation leading work on the development of a public legal education network

This is the site of a charity dedicated to the promotion of “the advancement of legal education and the study of the law in all its branches". The Foundation does this by making grants to a wide variety of mostly charitable organisations working in different social, professional and academic settings and by commissioning research.