Chapter 10 Questions for reflection and discussion

Chapter 10 Questions for reflection and discussion


1.       What should be the balance between the role of the state and the responsibility of the individual in funding litigation? Is the current balance correct?

2.       Will a Public Defender System weaken or enhance the criminal justice system?

3.       Should the legal aid budget be ‘cash-limited’?

4.       Can access to civil justice be improved through new arrangements for the funding of litigation?

5.       Should there be greater use of fixed fees?

6.       What are the arguments for and against contingency fees/damages-based agreements?

7.       How far can legal advice be delivered by telephone or the internet?

8.       How can IT be used to deliver legal services to ordinary people?

9.       How can the gap between those who might benefit from legal advice and those who actually receive legal advice services be bridged?