Howell and McMaster, Howell and McMaster, Teaching with Technologies 2e Student Resources


This education blog outlines the 10 best uses for OneNote in teaching and learning

Koma Koma is an iPad app you can use to create stop motion videos and is Free.


This blog is about how to spark classroom engagement with Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

This lesson teaches students how to create secure passwords

Digital Technologies Hub

Unit which explores inputs and outputs using the Makey circuit board to explore alternative input devices.

Stop Motion Studio is an iPad app for creating stop motion videos and is free.

This is a teacher-created lesson plan by Jennifer H on email etiquette for Years 6 – 8


This is a secure online publish platform for teachers and students.

Online discussion forums

Microsoft support

Using Microsoft Editor to check grammar and spelling in documents, mail and the web.

Microsoft support

Instructions on how to effectively insert pictures in Microsoft Word.

Padlet is a free real-time collaborative web platform where students and teachers can upload, organise and share content online.

Lesson planet

Use this website to search via subject, a range of lesson plans which use Microsoft Publisher.


Prezi for Education video explains how teachers can use Prezi to create presentations.


Powtoon is available for teachers and students to create engaging videos. Common sense education: 5 online discussion tools to fuel student engagement. This website has some great recommendations for online forums.

Adobe Education exchange

This lesson plan is designed to teach students in years 6 - 10 how to create a storyboard for one scene in a story as part of a movie project.

Adobe Spark

This webpage describes what Adobe Spark is and how it can be used to create graphics, collages, flyers, videos and animations.

Apple support

This website outlines how to create memorable, cinema-quality videos on an iPhone or iPad, and then finish on your Mac. Flipgrid is an online discussion platform.

Google Play

Stop Motion Studio, the world's easiest app to get students into stop motion moviemaking.

TKI NZ Maths

In this unit students explore how bar graphs and pie graphs can show different aspects of the data. Bar graphs show the number differences between data categories and pie graphs can be used to clearly show proportional differences between data categories. Digital Storytelling

Microsoft support

This webpage contains links to a range of videos on Excel training.


This blog outlines five ways teachers can use Paint 3D in the classroom linked to learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. Peter Abt is a primary school teacher on the Sunshine Coast in QLD who explains how to use Book Creator to create digital books.

Adobe education exchange

This lesson uses Adobe Illustrator to create a mosaic using similar and congruent shapes linked to learning in mathematics.


Lesson on deep web search engines and meta-search engines prepared by Sherri Kenworthy.

Google Earth

Use the search filters in this webpage to find guides and tutorials on Google Earth. Creating Stories with ScratchJr an ebook by Peter Abt is a great resource for teachers to learn how to use Scratch Jnr and coding for digital storytelling.

Adobe Education Exchange

Teach creativity with Adobe and Khan Academy. This webpage outlines a range of lessons linked to learning in a variety of curriculum areas.


This website hosts a national repository of digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Apple store

SwingPlane is an advanced video swing analysis and comparison program for iPhone. Digital writing 101 is a collection of digital and new media stories to read, watch and listen to.

We are teachers

This blog written by Jill Staake, outlines the best tips, tricks and ideas for using Padlet in the classroom.

Screen Australia

Screen Australia is a Federal Government agency charged with supporting Australian screen development, production and promotion.

ESafety Commissioner

Classroom resources able to be filtered by learning levels and topics. Story Center website contains a range of resources including online workshops for creating digital stories.

Digital Technologies Hub

Unit of work which explores social media and social networks pitfalls and positive uses in the community.

NSW Department of Education

Webpage on how to respond to cyberbullying.

NSW Department of Education

Website which collates information for teachers, parents and students about all aspects of Digital Citizenship. Peter Abt website on Stop motion animation, which is a technique where students move and photograph objects one frame at time. When the images are played together the objects appear to move. Stop motion has a wide range of applications in the classroom including creative story telling.

Digital Technologies Hub

This webpage contains resources for teaching Digital Citizenship linked to the Australian Curriculum.


In this sequence of lessons, students will design and program a serious game in Scratch to educate others about how living things depend on each other and the environment to survive.

Digital Technologies Hub

Unit on creating a digital game using Scratch which is a visual programming language. Apple support information on how to record using green screen using iMovie on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to change the background of your video. This is a very creative way for students to present their digital stories in creative ways eg. News readers, reporters on site, book characters etc.

Kodu Curriculum Modules

This website contains a range of modules for teaching Kodu.

Lego Education

Explore up to 400+ lessons with everything you need from what sets you need, to building instructions. Lessons are linked to learning in particular year groups and subject areas.

Co Spaces edu

Co Spaces edu is software which enables teachers and students to make AR and VR content. SAMHSA how-to guide for digital storytelling, outlines the 8 steps for making a digital story.


In this sequence of lessons, students will learn how to program a micro drone (using block-based coding in the Tello edu app) for an environmental application in the community.


In this sequence of lessons, students will investigate how electrical energy can control light (circuitry) as they work in pairs to code their flashing lights using Arduino, to a piece of music.


In this sequence of lessons, students will explore the social, ethical and environmental considerations required in the creation of self-driving cars, and design and program a self-driving car using an Arduino. A PowerPoint photo album is a presentation that you can create to display a digital story.

Minecraft education edition

Minecraft education edition website.

MIT app inventor

Use MIT app inventor to build apps with global impact.

Khan Academy

Unit on introduction to HTML/CSS: Making webpages. Padlet is free and you can capture webcam videos, upload or link photos/videos, record audio and add content in many other ways.

Fun music company

A library of lessons which teach music composition using Garage Band.

Instructables teachers

This lesson plan contains all the instructions for how to make a guitar using Makey and Scratch coding.

Merge edu

The Merge Cube Lets you hold digital 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world. Microsoft Sway can also be used to create a digital story.


Teachers can use AR apps in their existing lessons to turn a classroom into the cosmos, make a history lesson as vivid as the present, and let students peer inside everyday objects to understand how they're put together.


ClassVR is a groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.

Instructables teachers

This lesson plan contains instructions for creating a 3D model of the parts of an animal cell. Microsoft support: turn your presentation into a video using these simple instructions.

Instructables teachers

Use this lesson plan for teaching students how to design a garden watering spout for drink bottles using Tinkercad.