GCF Global

Video about the basic parts of a desktop computer.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This resource made by teacher Brittany Washburn contains keyboarding activities which are web based (which means nothing to download and no account to log into).

Teachers Pay Teachers

This resource contains digital interactive activities to label computer parts in independent click and drag activities. This is another resource created by teacher Brittany Washburn

Digital Technologies Hub

Unit for Foundation to Year 1 which includes activities about computer hardware and software.


Year 1 computing unit on Microsoft Word Processing including typing, symbols, save, editing, undo and redo, formatting text.


This is a blog for teachers which outlines why it is important to teach children word processing skills.


Online colouring pages published on ScrapColoring, where students can colour them online with colour gradients and patterns.

Google Support

Use this guide to teach students how to create, insert and edit drawings using Google Draw.

App store preview

Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw


Real or Photoshop quiz which can start discussion about real and face information and images online.

Teacher Pay Teachers

This unit teaches students how to use technology in the classroom safely and responsibly. Topics covered; going places safely online, sites I like, searching safely online and making safe blog posts. Suitable for Prep to Year 2

ESafety Commissioner

In the lower primary lessons, students learn about their personal information by grouping themselves according to their characteristics. Students then watch and discuss the video as a class.

Apple Books preview

This guide accessed for free from Apple books is designed to help educators for children aged 4 – 8 years, integrate creative skills using iPads (drawing, photo, video and music).

Mind Meister

Mobile mind mapping app which can be used by teachers and students to organise ideas and generate new thoughts.


Think and Learn Code-a-pillar teacher guide contains lesson plans for teaching children aged 3 – 6 years their first introduction to coding through active play.

Modern Teaching Aids

A teacher guide to using Bee-bots integrated in the curriculum.

ICT Learning Innovation Centre

Resource designed to help teachers integrate Bee-Bots into learning in the Early Years classroom.

Teacher Pay Teachers

Task cards linked to zoo animals and lower and uppercase letters for Bee-Bot and Code and Go Mouse Robots.

Modern Teaching Aids

Learning maths through play is the title of this blog which outlines how to teach students about Australian coins using robotics.

Kapow Primary

Adaptable to any theme, this unit focuses on photographing things around the school or in the playground then editing the images.

Digital photography school

This blog contains 13 simple lessons you can teach children about digital photography.


This resource blends literacy and computer skills for story writing lessons.

Apple Books preview

In this book by teacher Peter Abt, learn how to teach students how to use the coding app Scratch Jnr to create visual stories.

Teacher Pay Teachers

Activity created by teacher Brittany Washburn where students fill in the keyboard letters.

Typing Club

Typing club is simple and easy to use. There are instructional videos, challenging games and anchoring lessons that ensure that students place their hands correctly on the keyboard.

Early Education

This webpage contains weblinks and information on using technologies in early childhood education.

Apple support.

Instructions on how to set up guided access on iPad to disable areas of the screen that are not relevant to a lesson you are teaching.

Schools ICT

The webpage explains what Immersive Reader is and how it can be used to improve reading and writing.

Apple support

How to set up the accessibility features on an iPad such as voice over, zoom, switch control, text size and more. https://teachingwiththeipad.com/stop-motion/


Free photos and backgrounds. Peter Abt website on Stop motion animation, which is a technique where students move and photograph objects one frame at time. When the images are played together the objects appear to move. Stop motion has a wide range of applications in the classroom including media arts.

Apple support

Instructions for how to use the green-screen effect in iMovie on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Teaching with the iPad

Teacher Peter Abt shares tips on how to do green screen recording on the iPad. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/koma-koma-for-ipad/id635794784