Howell and McMaster, Howell and McMaster, Teaching with Technologies 2e Student Resources

Education Services Australia

Education services Australia: online learning resources for teachers and parents. This webpage contains resources and information to support learning and wellbeing in the home for educators, parents and professional learning for educators.

Digital Technologies Hub

Digital Technologies Hub website contains resources to help teachers, students and families learn about Digital technologies.


Scootle website is a national repository that provides Australian schools with digital resources aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Digital Technologies in Focus

Digital Technologies in Focus (DTiF) website contains school stories, resources and professional learning to assist with the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum in schools.

Early Childhood Australia.

Early Childhood Australia: statement on your children and digital technologies. This statement supports educators to understand technology use with and for young children

Australian Government Department of Health

Australian Government Department of Health: physical activity and exercise guidelines for all Australians. This website outlines how much sedentary screen time is recommended for children and young people.

Australian curriculum: Digital Technologies

Australian curriculum: Digital Technologies curriculum for Foundation to Year 10.

Australian Curriculum: Digital Literacy

Australian Curriculum: Digital Literacy

Digital Technologies Hub

Digital Technologies Hub: What's the difference between ICT Capabilities and the digital technologies curriculum?

AITSL: Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

AITSL: Australian Professional Standards for Teachers website contains the standards and illustrations of practice for teachers.


UNICEF: Children's rights, simplified webpage outlines the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Digital Technologies Hub

Digital Technologies Hub, resources for teachers: definition, lesson ideas, applications and games, curriculum links.

New South Wales Department of Education, Digital Citizenship

New South Wales Department of Education, Digital Citizenship website: resources for teachers, parents and students

ESafety Commissioner, Digital Citizens Guide

ESafety Commissioner, Digital Citizens Guide; video


Scootle, 'digital citizenship' search: resources for teachers which are interactive, online and text

The Conversation

Conversation: Explainer: what's the difference between STEM and STEAM? This website provides a good explanation of the difference and practical applications.

STEM Education guide

STEM Education guide: STEM vs. STEAM, making room for the Arts webpage provides an infographic, STEM activities and downloads.