USC: Learning and Teaching:

USC: Learning and Teaching: Overview of connectivism – Dr George Siemens. This 3-minute video has George Siemens discussing where connectivism came from and what it means.

Edu Tech Wiki  

This Wiki It is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research.

Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis Magazine—Disconnected Urbanism by Paul Goldberger. This is a link to a specific article, Disconnected Urbanism by Paul Goldberger. It is an interesting social commentary on the impact of telecommunications on society. It has been included because of its links to connectivism.


TPACK org: The TPACK framework: this website contains explanations, images and library to learn more about TPACK

Schoology exchange

Schoology exchange: The TPACK Framework explained (with classroom examples). This webpage also includes information and a video about the difference between TPACK and SAMR


Edutopia: A powerful model for understanding good tech integration. This webpage contains great image and explanation of SAMR.

3P Learning

3P Learning: The SAMR Model explained (with 15 practical examples). This site outlines SAMR in detail with some good examples.

Elearning mag

A useful online magazine to keep bookmarked on your computer. All of the articles are written by practising teachers, so the tips and tricks are very practical.

Tech Learning

Another technology magazine, which is written by social commentators, journalists and researchers. It has few contributions by teachers, but still has some interesting observations.


Australia's most highly regarded and award winning independent tech blogs. They write about the culture of technology and modern life in Australia.

Emerging Ed Tech

A semi-professional blog site with multiple contributors.

Mus tech

An individual blog by Joseph Pisano—very interesting for music resources, commentaries and other links that might be useful for teachers.

Amy M Burns

A blog by Amy Burns for elementary teachers on music technology.

Free Technology for Teachers

Richard Byrne is a secondary computer science teacher in America. Here he shares his thoughts, experiences and outcomes of trying to teach using different technologies.