Howell and McMaster, Howell and McMaster, Teaching with Technologies 2e Student Resources

Digital Technologies Hub

Digital Technologies Hub, resources for teachers: definition, lesson ideas, applications and games, curriculum links. 

New South Wales Department of Education, Digital Citizenship 

New South Wales Department of Education, Digital Citizenship website: resources for teachers, parents and students 

Digital Citizens Guide

ESafety Commissioner, Digital Citizens Guide; video 


Scootle, ‘digital citizenship’ search: resources for teachers which are interactive, online and text 

Marc Prensky

While Prensky is not an educator, you could describe him as a social commentator. His articles are noteworthy, as he coined the terms ‘digital native’ and ‘digital immigrant’, so it’s worthwhile having a look at his ideas. 


Myfuture website: the future of work, emerging occupations, video series, teacher resources, information for parents, carers and students. 

The Expectation Gap in the Future of Work

The expectation gap in the future of work; employee vs. Employer sentiment and the emerging division of Australian organisations. 

Australian Christian College

Australian Christian College blog: How education technology improves student engagement. This blog includes links to reports and research into this topic. 

The World Bank

The World Bank website: Digital Technologies in Education. This webpage outlines the context of digital technologies in education globally and includes strategies, activities and partners. 

Trend Watching

The name pretty much explains what this website is about. It’s an interesting source of current trends and predictions about future trends. 


An online magazine that tends towards articles on worldwide trends, the impact of technology and how society is changing. 


McCrindle website: Understanding Generation Alpha, information on Generation Alpha and infographic 

Understanding Generation Alpha

Understanding Generation Alpha: this paper is authored by Mark. McCrindle and Ashley Fell, two social researchers who are leading authorities on Generation Alpha and the emerging generations.