Chapters 7-9 Self-test questions

The answers to these questions can be found in the book, by referring to the cited chapter and section.

1. How do you determine what the "material facts" of a case are?

Reference: Section 7.3 and 7.8

2. How is ratio decidendi defined?

Reference: Section 7.3

3. What is meant by the term obiter dictum?

Reference: Section 7.7

4. How do you set about reading statutes which have been amended by a later Act?

Reference: Section 8.5

5. What case decided that the short title of a statute was not a valid aid to interpretation?

Reference: Section 9.4.1

6. What did the case of Coltman v. Bibby Tankers decide on the meaning of the word "includes" in an Act?

Reference: Section 9.4.2

7. What is meant by the term "reading a section eiusdem generis"?

Reference: Section 9.4.4

8. When is a statute said to be in pari materia with another Act?

Reference: Section 9.4.7

9. Under what circumstances can Hansard be referred to?

Reference: Section 9.5